The principle of the Operational Interim Management (OIM)

Crisis management must be:

Quick - present - purposefully - uncomplicated

Tobias Lauinger Consulting sees itself as an excellent alternative to traditional consulting market with a focus on operational and interim management and can be understood as a temporary support in coordinated projects. The added value for clients is far-reaching:

  • Greater flexibility in staff deployment
  • Immediate increase of know-how in Top Level
  • Low-cost alternative / addition / expansion to pure consultants
  • Take-over of operational responsibility by the OIM
  • No additional effort in HR
  • Predictable, variable cost structure is supported, because caused by OIM additional social benefits, cost of vacation and holidays.
  • Objectively, neutral, goal-oriented approach to all issues in the company through a neutral view from the outside
  • Decisions can be implemented faster and with less resistance
  • Support even for "business 101" or a single project

Interim Management

  • project-related management services
  • Take-over of functions by experienced interim managers to bridge or overload
  • Implementation guarantee for our own project-based concepts.
  • Depending on the task, the period of use of our interim managers varies from a few days to several months or even longer, if desired by the company.

In general, an outsider is more open towards problem areas, development potentials and actions required in a company. Often, potentials and action needs can only be discovered and addressed from a neutral point of view from the outside. In many cases, the necessary impulse is a combination of professional neutrality and long-standing industry and implementation expertise.

Advice in the understanding of the OIM

Consulting is required whenever existing capacities and operations are insufficient to stabilize or consolidate the or cost situation or competition in the short- or medium-term.
Tobias Lauinger provides consulting in the form of a consultant in the role of a service provider, who designs and presents goal-oriented, problem-oriented and pragmatic solutions, and implements those together with the client in practice. This is where the principle of the OPERATIVE INTERIM MANAGER, acting based on empirical results and theoretical basis, while the success is ensured through operational competence and knowledge. Fort this, we are focusing on SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). The issues and solutions here are different than, say, in multinational corporations.
Consequently, however, the process-oriented approach and our experience from these globally oriented companies can be used as a guideline in SME's as well.

Getting to know and understand each other, social and professional acceptance are decisive factors for the success of crucial actions.
Responsibility should be shared - this is usually the faster and very safe way to a planned success. On the side of Tobias Lauinger consulting there are experienced managers for this whom will operationally implement the strategies developed jointly with the client limited in time and structurally.
Our onsite work in top level and other management functions allows the client an individually tailored, sustainable and successful placement in the market.

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