Our Consulting Services
The things that you like to hear least about, you should pay the greatest attention to.

Business Issues

* Strategy and Process Consulting
* Project and process management with operational project management

Industry Focus

    * Automotive
    * Consumer Products
    * Energy
    * Hospitality
    * Real Estate

Why choose our advice?

Our consultants offer a completely objective view of the actual situation, detached from the manufacturer or owner perspective. Our analysis and subsequent operational implementation is based on a concerted action plan and is always developed independent of banks, institutions or individual producers. We adapt ourselves to you and the complexity of your business and solve this challenge in a dialogue with you and your team problem-focused and fast.

Our consultants are a contact point for owners, shareholders or partners for a limited period and beyond. Our performance is measurable, and controllable and brings value. Ideally, this should be reviewed as part of our follow-up together. Over 80% of our primary mandates give us, sometimes significantly later, a follow-up mandate. We also offer trainings, coachings and leadership development.


* Analysis generally of the entire value chain (eg business processes, working capital, product gross margins)
* Identification of improvement potential
* Implementation of measures

Expertise &  Know How

  • Complex change projects (Change Management) as Corporate Restructuring
  • Function-specific projects such as IT or Sales Optimization
  • Project management and support for numerous tasks
  • Line of operating large-scale projects, for example R & D, design, commissioning, each in different industries
  • Management of transition projects for the merger or spin-off of assets or divisions
  • Methods-based strategy projects for the realignment or the expansion of business segments   
  • Management of projects to improve and enhance the efficiency of organizational structures and process chains
  • Management of operational supply chain optimization projects for suppliers and purchasing structures


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